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About Us

Welcome to Hawthorne Bolt Works, an ISO certified and QSLM approved company. We are here to serve your fastener needs with quality products that are the culmination of over fifty years in the fastener industry. Ours is a family oriented business that has it’s origins dating back to 1955 when Sam Gentile first entered into fastener manufacturing. He brought to his work a sense of pride and old world craftsmanship instilled through his European upbringing. Over time, Sam’s knowledge and expertise was passed on to his son, Nick. In 1985, Sam and his two sons started Precision Screw and Bolt and became a well-respected cold heading company. Quality products were the hallmark of Precision Screw and Bolt for over fifteen years. When the time came for Sam to retire, the company was sold. Nick then formed Hawthorne Bolt Works and continues to carry on the tradition of uncompromising quality and high customer satisfaction.

"We at Hawthorne Bolt Works are confident you will enjoy high quality, American made products at competitive prices when you order with us. We offer a wide selection of various cold headed fasteners. We are happy to work closely with you for all your special needs."

Thank You. Nick




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